Who We Are
At Konica Minolta Business Solutions Malaysia, we are a passionate bunch. We are passionate about serving our customers, and helping them to achieve their goals and profitability. Our passion is to create new values to ensure our products and services are above and beyond the customer’s demand. To us, there is no greater satisfaction in knowing we are a part of their success.
Passion also drove us to develop business & information technology (IT) solutions along with other innovative products to create the workplace of the future. We work hard so that the business runs efficiently and smoothly. We think hard so that business management solutions are taken care of. We also play hard so that our creative ideas can contribute to the success of the business.
While we bring the latest innovative technology for business operations, we are dedicated to saving the environment too. We help preserve nature by producing friendly products that won’t harm wildlife. And we recycle too!

Working at KMBS
Work Environment
Konica Minolta Business Solutions leverages the latest workplace tools and technologies to foster a dynamic and collaborative work environment. This supports the highly collaborative nature of our work, enabling us to learn, network and innovate seamlessly.
Total Rewards
Konica Minolta Business Solutions recognizes the individual contributions and performance of its people. We also help our employees build a rewarding career through market-relevant benefits and professional growth opportunities.
Corporate Citizenship
At Konica Minolta Business Solutions, corporate citizenship is central to our goal of helping people and communities become better. This empowers us to make a difference in the lives of others and bring positive change for a "greater than" future.
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Life @ #KMBS
2017 is the age of conversion, our teams has gone global!
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